Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay okay.. so I'm not a teenie bopper, but the books are damn good! And yes I know Stephanie Meyer isn't a good writer. But the books are just addicting. I'm in the middle of book three and just printed out the leaked "Midnight Sun".

Finally saw the movie last night with Chino and Wendy. I'm buying that movie. I'm buying the boxed book set if I like Eclipse/Breaking Dawn.. or maybe just the collector's edition of Twilight. And maybe a cardboard cut out of Edward (for my cousin of course). Oh and by the way, Edward playing the piano? Hot. Obsessed? I think not... okay maybe just a little.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cupcakes with Wendy

Tonight I hung out with Wendy and we made some yummy Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes! This is the first time this year I've baked. Actually the first time I've baked in quite a while. Its nice trying to get back into the swing of things. These were vanilla cupcakes filled with custard/pastry cream and topped with chocolate frosting! Yummers.

Up close:

Donut wheel

Donut wheel always brings back good memories. Its one of those places that I'll always hold close to my heart (and stomach). Now it just seems to be packed with high school/college kids who obviously can't find a better place to go study.

Some fond memories:

- Mom buying me and Dave each a custard filled bar (chocolate for me of course) and dropping us off at day care where I swear to god the other kids were about to lynch us and take them off our hands. I was a terrified 3 year old.

- Coming home from college and going out for late night donuts with the girls.

- Drunken 21st birthday thrown in the backseat of the dodge diplomat with my legs hanging out the window and trying to order donuts. Probably slurred a lot.

- Late night donut missions.. sometimes alcohol involved.. sometimes just good company.

Last night the girls knew what would hit the spot. Nothing like an old-fashioned chocolate glazed donut to cheer me up.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lunar new year part 2

Saturday evening was Margie's (Lynda's future daughter in law) bachelorette party. Suffice it to say, I overdid myself. I hit an all time record low. Thank god Chino was there to pick me up several times (figuratively AND literally). I love that girl. Oh what would I do without her? I'd probably be dead in a dumpster somewhere...

She's so cute!! Before the night went downhill:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar new year part 1

Food and family.. and little red envelopes. Thats what lunar new year is all about! Today I went to my aunt's house for lunch. We weren't done eating until 4... *sigh*.

Was the typical family get together. The aunts always remembering how we used to be so young.. asking when I'm going to get married.. etc. At least they didn't do the whole pinching "ooh you're losing/gaining weight" bit.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy hour and laughs

So tonight Chino and I met up with Marcus at Chevy's for happy hour. We haven't been there for a while and I forgot how the waitress always gives me a weird look for asking for fresh tortillas and butter. Carbs and fat.. how can you go wrong? Well it was nice venting and catching up with him anyhow.

We sadly missed knitting tonight. Sorry everyone!! I'm sure you carried on fine without us.

Went to Open Mic night at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale where Preetz was debuting. Some good laughs overall. Best part of the night was when some comedian asked chino "So where did you get your hello kitty dildo?" and she replies "Its a secret!" LOVED IT. My brother introduced his friend..and did a little song.. kinda embarrassing. It was one of those things where you really need to know Preetz to get all of his jokes. I had some good laughs though... needed it.

All smiles:

Preetz getting his comedy act on:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegas baby Vegas!

Oh I'm tired. Vegas can be tiring. Vegas bachelorette party with a dozen hot girls is exhausting. Two nights.. lots of shots.. lots of bride-to-be/my future sister in law is a rockstar.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New knitting group

So tonight Chino convinced me to come to a new knitting group with her. This was a yelp group that met up at Pete's coffee in Cupertino a couple months ago. This time they were meeting up at some Korean tea house in Santa Clara.


So I've got my personal mantra for 2009. Not that I think I'm particularly hopeless, but maybe too pragmatic, pessimistic, and cynical for my own good. So this year I'm trying to be more hopeful:

I hope for Change. New experiences and challenges.

I hope to find someone who makes me feel Complete, effortlessly without having to sacrifice too much.

I hope to Discover more about myself.

I hope to Inspire others, and in turn be inspired.

I hope to reclaim that Sparkle I once had. The carefree attitude and recklessness that made me shine.

Quite clever I think!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mantra for 2009

So last week at knitting Cindy mentioned picking a mantra for 2009... a word to constantly remind ourselves of, almost like an aspiration for the year. Her mantra for 2009 is 'celebrate' and Chino's is 'passion'.

Here's the link to the list that she sent out:

I've looked over the list several times, but still can't decide. Maybe its because I'm just all over the place? Well I've at least narrowed it down:


I think overall I should just focus on 'happy'... but it seems too simple. What do you think?

Chino just said to me "Look up at the sky.. its blue!" I hope the sky is blue wherever you are...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Burn baby burn

More often then he'd like to admit, my brother and his rather irresponsible seeming friends come up with some crazy idea. They didn't wait long this year to get started. Beach... bonfire... xmas trees. Seven guys, 25+ xmas trees, a lighter, and me. I don't know what was more stupid, the idea of collecting trees just to burn them in some huge most likely illegal fire, or the fact that I decided to go with them.

Loading up the trucks:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back on the saddle

Today I went for a bike ride with Gino and Victor. Turns out it was a Meetup group...and there was a total of 7 riders, and of course they all left me in the dust. Reminds me of how much I need to get back in shape. It also reminds me of how much I enjoy the crisp clicking sound of gears shifting.. gotta love the Dura Ace. I'm far too wimpy and undeserving of my bike.

Theres also something really hot about a pack of cyclists whizzing by you.. buff calves pumping. Maybe its just that they're all wearing matching jerseys and shorts...or maybe its the spandex.

We started out at Pete's Coffee at Homestead and Foothill, took Foothill down to Palo Alto.. did the Loop (in reverse) and headed back. Around mile 15.. my slow ass (can't handle climbs very well) lost the group. I wasn't even sure if I was going the right way anymore...

Being lost sucks.. but it sure is pretty:

Friday, January 9, 2009

What I'm running to

Britney - Womanizer
Katy Perry - Hot 'n Cold
Kanye ft Daft Punk - Stronger
Britney - If You Seek Amy
Nelly Furtado - Maneater
Pink - So What
Danity Kane - Damaged
Beyonce - Single Ladies
Rihanna - Shut up and Drive

I sense a theme...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new year...

2008 was hard. Really hard. And not in a good way either. There were a lot of good moments.. and even more bad moments. I'm glad it finally ended.

Alas its a new year.. a time for new beginnings and a new blog. I'm not sure what the new year will bring. Hopefully some new adventures, few culinary mishaps, and exciting times. I'm optimistic.

Maybe too optimistic.. I've got a whole lot of New Year resolutions:

1) Lose 10-15lbs (yeah yeah.. i know beauty on the inside and muscle weighs more than fat.. but I can TRY)
2) Run at least 10 miles a week.
3) Wear more skirts/dresses (and dress better overall).
4) Learn to like lamb, or at least tolerate it.
5) Do some things a little less: drink, spend, eat...
6) Do some things a little more: cook/bake, laugh, have fun.

Here are a few last happy moments of 2008....

Me and Janers at Spago... we met Wolfgang!

Jane's birthday.. ignore the broken arm :)