Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cadbury creme egg chocolate cupcakes

Now folks, do not try this at home. I'm serious. Well okay, if you must, you can try it... but don't come running to me when you go into some sort of sugar-induced anaphylactic shock. This is the stuff that your mother warned you about; this is the stuff that diabetes dreams are made of.

It wasn't until I was ten years old that I discovered the sugary chocolate joy that comes around only once a year: Cadbury creme eggs. No, I wasn't a deprived child who didn't get to ravel in the splendors of the Easter bunny. I was just an impressionable one.

Do you remember this 80's anti-drug video? Well at the tender age of maybe five, I seemed to think that eating runny yolks equated to doing drugs. Riiiiiight. I'd only eat my eggs scrambled or in an omelet. And somehow I let my brother convince me that the sugary goo inside a Cadbury creme egg was raw egg, so I'd give mine to him. It's a good thing I didn't grow up watching this video. I'm not sure what sort of antics would have ensued.

Anyway, I digress. Around Easter, I was forwarded a link for Cadbury creme egg cupcakes. Being the economical sort, I swooped in the day after Easter and got some eggs at half-off. Score! The eggs were a bit too big for the cupcake pan. They'd actually be better suited for giant cupcakes. The recipe I found used mini-eggs, but they were nowhere to be found in my local Safeway.

I think I would also try freezing the eggs prior to baking them, so that the gooey insides don't harden/dry up. After careful dissection, it was clear that the eggs took up the majority of the space and there wasn't a whole lot of cake. Intense would have been an understatement. Though these were definitely interesting to make, I prefer my drug sugar induced coma without the cake. I even got a bit of retribution as one bite of cupcakes gave my brother the shakes and he had to chase it down with a pint of milk.


mm said...

haha your posts are awesome =)

D said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoy. Oftentimes I find blogging with a beer in hand is quite helpful with coming up with some of the clever nuggets aka verbal diarrhea :)